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Bedrock Bowling Tour
2016/2017 Rules

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    • Tournament/Membership Requirements
      1. All tournaments are USBC sanctioned.
      2. All entrants must hold a current USBC membership and become a member of Bedrock Bowliong tour.
      3. Open to all bowlers 30 (or must be 30 by tournament finals) and over including spouses.  Open to all new bowlers.
      4. Averages will be based on 90% of 220.
      5. The composite book averages for 2015/2016 will be used to start tournament bowling for all bowlers, while all bowlers without a previous average, must have a minimum of 21 games in the current season for the entering average. Bowlers having an established average will start the tournament with their previous year’s average and will be re-rated after 2 tournaments. Per certified rules regarding averages will be used under Rules 319a, 2, & 3 (Rules 319d & e are Not applicable).
      6. Failure to report all league averages could result in disqualification & loss of entry in future tournaments.
      7. The tournament director will have the right to rerate, refuse entries, applicant or renewal of members, with the right of appeal.
      8. In order to compete in the tour, a member must pay their yearly dues of $20.00 prior to participating in any tournament or be issued a guest pass as described below.
      9. Guest Pass for 1 tournament is $65.00 (extra 5.00 is applied to membership fees). If place, must join membership.
    • Tournament Fees and Costs
      1. Entry Costs and Breakdown:
        1. Membership Fee:                      $20.00 per year
        2. Entry Fees:                               $60.00 per tournament ($65.00 at the door)
          1. Linage / Service Costs:  $26.00 (18.50 Linage / 7.50 Overhead / Shirt costs)
          2. Prize Fund:                   $30.00 (all money awarded at specific tournament)
          3. Consolation Fund:         $  2.00 (all money awarded at specific tournament)
          4. Grand Finals Fund:        $  2.00 (all money collected awarded at Grand Finals)
        3. Grand Finals Fees:                    $65.00 per tournament ($70.00 at the door)
          1. Linage / Service Costs:  $26.00 (18.50 Linage 7.50 Overhead costs)
          2. Prize Fund:                   $36.00 (all money awarded at specific tournament)
          3. Consolation Fund:         $  3.00 (all money awarded at specific tournament)
        4. Optional Fees:
          1. Brackets                       $  5.00 each ($20.00 winner, $15.00 runner each bracket)
            1. 2 start on first game (3 game bracket)
            2. 2 start on second game (3 game bracket)
          2. 3/6/9 pot                       $  5.00 per tournament (Pays $5.00 per 3/6/9)
          3. 5+Strikes                      $  5.00 per tournament (Pays all money to first one)
          4. High Scratch Game       $ 5.00 per tournament (Pays all money to top game)
          5. High Handicap Game     $ 5.00 per tournament (Pays all money to top game)
          6. 50/50 Raffle                  $1 for 1.00 – 6 for $5.00 raffle.  ½ money is given to bowlers and may include other optional prizes offered by the tournament at director’s discretion. Other ½ will be used for shirts, staff costs, etc. (tournament overhead).
          7. 2 + 1 Strike Raffle         $ 3 for 1.00 raffle (House starts pot at $100.00
            takes 2 strikes in a row to win 50% - 3rd strike = 100% but can cash at 2 strikes – bowler chooses - optional). This event is offered only specific times.
      2. All Entries must be received prior to the start of the tournament play unless there are lanes available at the tournament and must be paid in cash on the day of the tournament to be able to bowl.  Mailed entries must be received by the Friday prior to the tournament.  Mail is not checked on weekend of the tournament.
      3. Cash/Checks will be accepted on the day of the tournament.
      4. Payments online must be done by Wednesday of the week, prior to the tournament to allow processing time for payment of tournament fees.
      5. Each tournament champion will be awarded a shirt that will have the tournament championship year / month embroidered on the shirt in addition to the logo and name which will be paid by the tournament if average tournament attendance is at least 15 bowlers.
      6. No other side games other than authorized by the tournament are allowed. Violations are fined 50.00 per event.
    • Tournament Format
      1. Qualifying
        1. 10 minutes of practice are allowed prior to finals.
        2. After warm up, bowlers are to be at their starting lanes and wait for the announcement to start bowling.
        3. Qualifying consists of 4 individual games with total pins, handicap and bonus pins
        4. The top 1/3 in each category will advance to the semi-finals.
        5. All other bowlers qualify for consolation game (included in tournament).
        6. If multiple shifts are performed for a tournament, up to 12 qualifiers will be guaranteed using our 1 in 3 payout.
        7. 4 pins will be given for each tournament that a bowler does not make the finals. Once a bowler makes the finals, all bonus pins will be removed.
        8. After bowling a game, the next game cannot start until all bowlers are finished with the current game.
        9. Bowlers cannot move any equipment until all bowlers have completed the current game.
      2. Semi-Finals
        1. 5 minutes of practice are allowed prior to semi-finals.
        2. After warm up, bowlers are to be at their starting lanes and wait for the announcement to start bowling.
        3. Semi-Finals consist of 2 individual games with handicap and totals are not carried over to finals.  For the first game, each bowler will receive place points for their qualification place.  2 Points per place will be issued.  If 24 finals, 1st place will receive 48 points, 2nd 46, etc. and 24th place will receive 2 points.  Points are issues on number of semi-final entries.  Less Semi-Final entries will receive less total points.  These points are added to your final score as an award for your place in qualifications.  They do not carry forward to any other tournament or All stars
        4. Up to the Top 6 Bowlers advance to finals.
        5. All bowlers in the semi-finals will be paid.
        6. After bowling a game, the next game cannot start until all bowlers are finished with the current game.
        7. Bowlers cannot move any equipment until all bowlers have completed the current game.
      3. Finals
        1. 5 minutes of practice are allowed prior to finals.
        2. Bowlers are to be at their starting lanes and wait for the announcement to start bowling.
        3. Finals will consist of 1 game with total pins and handicap.
        4.  All bowlers in the finals will be paid.
        5. After bowling a game, the next game cannot start until all bowlers are finished with the current game.
        6. Bowlers cannot move any equipment until all bowlers have completed the current game.
    • Tournament Grand Championship Finals
      1. Qualifying
        1. To qualify for the tour finals, a bowler must have bowled 2 or more tournaments in the season prior to the final championship.
      2. Exceptions
        1. If lanes are available, a $10.00 payment to enter the grand final fees for missing one tournament may be made due to a valid physical or medical injury and are subject to director’s acceptance
      3. Format
        1. All Bowlers who have placed in any tournament will have points added to their qualifying scores.  Points will be as follows for each tournament that you placed in (1 point per place).
        2. All Bowlers who qualify in the first 4 games will bowl 2 games for the semi-finals.
        3. The top 6 bowlers in the semi-finals will bowl a final game to determine grand champion place based on all 3 games (2 semi-final games and 1 final game)
        4. All bowlers not making the cutoff will be bowling in a consolation game for alternate prize money.
      4. All Stars
        1. The top 3 bowlers for participation and place points will be “All Stars”.  A special “All Star” shirt can be ordered that includes the “All Star”, logo and Name embroidery on the shirt for becoming an All Star. All Star shirts will be paid for as long as the tournament average attendance stays above 20 bowlers per event.
      5. Champion
        1. Champion will receive prize money, free membership renewal for next year and a tournament shirt with “2016-2017 Champion” embroidery in addition to the logo and name.
    • Tournament Scoring
      1. Averages
        1. Tournament averages throughout the tournament year will be established and used after 2 tournaments have been bowled. A standard average will be used to compute your average.
        2. Anyone who does not have 21 games in the current season can bowl the tournament with a 220 average.
        3. Anyone outside of the local area must be able to prove their average in order to bowl in any tournament
        4. Every tournament winner will automatically be re-rated due to the possibility of a bowler not coming in with a proper average.  There will be no exceptions.
      2. Tie Scores
        1. A tie will be shared with the next position or positions, for the series final total.
        2. In a qualifying round, a tie for the last qualifying position to advance to the finals will be broken will be broken by the high scratch game.
        3. Final scores that end up in a tie, will be voted on by bowlers that tie where they can either split the prize money for 1st and 2nd, or bowl a minimum of 3 frames and continue frame per frame until the tie is broken.
      3. Mistakes
        1. Any mistakes found in the addition during the finals of any tournament will be corrected after the game in progress, up until the disbursement of the prize money for the tournament.
      4. Points
        1. Carry Over Points - Each bowler that does not qualify for a tournament will receive 1 point for each qualifying game. If you continue to not make the cut, your points will go up every tournament and once you qualify for the semi-finals all points will be removed. The additional points are added to your series to help determine who makes the cut and are not used for your average calculations. This system allows bowlers who do not place to have a chance at making the qualifications for semi-finals.
        2. Participation points (1 point per tournament) are given for each tournament attended and are used in the grand finals for qualifications.
        3. Place points (1 point per place – lowest to highest place) are given for every tournament you place in and are used in the grand finals for qualifications.
    • Withdrawals
      1. Withdrawal of a bowler while the tournament is in progress, will result in forfeiture of entry unless the approval of the tournament directory.  Bowling fees may be withheld from the entry fees.
    • Playing Conditions
      1. In case of equipment breakdown, the tournament director will make the decision to wait or use alternate pair of lanes.
      2. Failure to use any prepaid entries or credit within the tournament year, will be applied to dues or tournament.
      3. Bowling balls must be legal according to USBC rules.  Failure to comply will result in disqualification and forfeiture of entry fees.
      4. At least one lane courtesy must be observed at all times.
      5. If a bowler is late after the first frame is completed, the said bowler will receive a zero for frames missed.  Because it is a tournament, it is expected that you be on time.
      6. Tournaments will start at 10 am on Sundays based on what the tournament director can negotiate with the bowling establishment.
    • Scoring
      1. During the tournament, there will be someone who monitors the lanes and score each game as they are completed.  Each Bowler will confirm the scores with the representative of the tournament and all scores will be recorded into the tournament software.
      2. All bowlers must verify scores by another bowler.  Scores not verified, will cause a bowler to be disqualified.
    • Handicap re-rating.
      1. Entering handicap will be 90% of 220 using the composite average for new members.
      2. As discussed in section 5, each bowler will use their 2015/2016 USBC established handicap and will be re-rated one the 2 tournament period has elapsed and will carry forward a tournament based average for the rest of the season re-rated for every tournament participated in.  So as the season goes on, each bowler’s established average may be adjusted from your current average combined with all of your tournament games average.
      3. Members with an average over 220 will have a 0 handicap.  No reverse handicap is used.
      4. Deliberately missing could receive a fine, suspension or disqualification for the current game or tournament.
    • Dress Code
      1. Named shirts are required for all tournaments.  Guests are allowed bowling without a named shirt.  Tournament shirts will be offered on sale at the tournaments.
      2. All bowlers are to dress in neat clean clothing w/o any large holes.  Shorts and summer attire is acceptable at tournaments.
    • Liability
      1. By bowling you are releasing the Bedrock Bowling Tour from any and all liabilities pertaining to any injury, physical or mental condition incurred by you during the competition.
    • Conduct
      1. You must conduct yourself as a mature bowler.
      2. Be respectful of other bowlers.  Fines will be issued to discourteous bowlers.
      3. Returned checks cost $25.00 and you lose the right to write checks.
      4. Obscene gestures / language $5.00 after 1 warning for member, 10.00 for Director and 2nd time doubles. If you are called on this 2 times in 1 tournament, you will be charged 10.00 and disqualified from the tournament.  If you are charged twice with this infraction, you may be removed from the membership based on the decision of the Tournament Director and Board of Directors.
      5. Illegal bowling ball – disqualification from tournament and forfeiture of entry fees.
      6. Bowlers are responsible to bring any infractions to the tournament director’s attention.
    • Rules
      1. All tournament rules will be controlled by the Tournament Director and voted on by all active tournament members.
      2. Tournament Director will determine Board of Director members.
      3. Rules will not be discussed or changed at tournament events.
      4. A President, Vice President, and Sergeant of Arms are elected each year.
      5. All other rules will be governed by USBC rules
    • Schedule
      1. Sept 18, 2016 10 AM – Lower Columbia Lanes – Astoria (Please be early!)
      2. Oct 16, 2016 10AM – Tigard Bowl - Tigard
      3. Nov 20, 2016 10 AM – Sunset Lanes – Beaverton
      4. Dec 18, 2016 10 AM – Rainbow Lanes – Forest Grove
      5. Jan 15, 2017 10 AM – Park Lanes – Hillsboro
      6. Feb 19, 2017 10 AM – Crosley Lanes – Vancouver – Scotch Doubles
      7. Mar 19, 2017 10 AM – Kellogg Bowl - Milwaukie
      8. April 9, 2017 10 AM – King Pin Bowl – Portland
      9. May 21, 2017 10 AM – Molalla Bowl – Molalla
      10. June 4, 2017 10 AM – Wilsonville Lanes – Wilsonville – Grand Finals

    Tournament Director

    Raymond A. McCue
    Cell: 503-720-6478

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