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50+ Senior's Bowling Tour - Online Entry

Over 25 years ago Lauren Fries started the 50+ Tournament with just 6 bowlers (including himself) and grew the tournament to over 60 bowlers. There has been many format and entry fee changes over the years and has become a very successful tournament in the Pacific Northwest in the years that Loren ran the tournament. Lauren has decided to retire as the tournament director and it is now run under a new tournament director named Raymond McCue.

After our first year under new director, the membership for the 50+ Senior's Tour is over 80 and growing every tournament. We have expanded this year's format to be more competitive and allow bowlers to have a chance to win the tournament by increasing the number of semi-final games to 2 and giving everyone that does not qualify for the finals a consolation game where they can compete for prize money.


The Pacific NorthWest 50+ Senior's Tour is open to all bowlers age 50 (or 50 by end of current tournament season) and over who have a Valid USBC membership and have an established 2012/2013 average or a minimum of 21 games bowled. Each bowler will use a tournament average after you have bowled in 2 tournament events. Please review rules and ensure you understand how handicaps are used in this tour.

New and Improved Tournaments

With a new tournament director, it was decided to give this tournament a face lift and automate as much of the overhead of running the tournament using such tools as a web site (that you are viewing), software to automate the tournament handicaps, brackets and tournament scoring. Additional ways to earn cash at each tournament has been added including:

  • Brackets for games 1-3 and 2-4 ($5.00 per bracket, 1st & 2nd paid)
  • 3/6/9 Strike Pot ($5.00 per entry - pays $5.00 per game)
  • High Scratch Game Pot ($5.00 per entry - winner takes all)
  • High Handicap Game Pot ($5.00 per entry - winner takes all)
  • 5+Strike Pot ($5.00 per entry - winner takes all)
  • 2+1 Strike Raffle (3 tickets for $1.00)
  • Consolation Game (Now included in the tournament)

Expanded Format and Additional chances to earn Money

Qualifying consists of 4 handicap games for 2 different categories (ages 50-69) and (ages 70+) to make it to the semi finals . Each category will have 1/3 of all entrants qualify for the semi finals where the top seat in each category will move automatically to the finals.

Semi-Finals consist of 2 individual games with handicap and totals are not carried over to finals. For the first game, each bowler will receive place points for their qualification place. 2 Points per place will be issued. If 24 finals, 1 st place will receive 48 points, 2 nd 46, etc. and 24th place will receive 2 points. Points are issues on number of semi-final entries. Less Semi-Final entries will receive less total points. These points are added to your final score as an award for your place in qualifications. They do not carry forward to any other tournament or All stars. Top 6 Bowlers advance to finals.

Finals will consist of 1 game with total pins and handicap. All bowlers in the semi-finals and finals will be paid.

Tournament Director

Raymond A. McCue
Phone: 503-720-6478

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